Keeping Fire Fighters Safe

Fighting fires is a dangerous job. Station 8 is a brand new program, built to give them the tools they need to exercise leadership, decision making, risk management, and other critical skills that ensure they go home safely at the end of the day.

Why Station 8?

What makes this program work? It’s because you complete the training at your station, in between other tasks. Together as a group, uncover the human factors secrets that will help improve your performance on the line. 

This is not a war story—and yet it is. Any tale in which the protagonists are so seriously threatened they may lose their lives demands an enemy capable of destruction.

The difference between what is told here and familiar war is that the designated adversary always remains inhuman, frequently marches in mystery, and rarely takes prisoners.”

Ernest K. Gann, Fate is the Hunter

What is Station 8?

A full year’s worth of human factors knowledge, created specifically for fire fighters by Dr. Tony Kern, the world’s leading expert on human performance in high-risk scenarios.

Training, Simplified

Everyone at your station has a story to tell, experiences to share, and advice to give. Capture that experience as official training, with Station 8 as your guidepost.