Week 2: Station 4, Flash Point 1 – Air Supply Management

Station 4 – Risk Management

Air supply management is a single but vital component of any fire fighter’s overall risk management decision making process. For incident commanders, air supply for each fire fighter must be considered in command decisions. For the individual fire fighter, considerations of air supply factor into many decisions made within the fire ground. That is why air supply management—among many other important survival skills—need to be discussed, trained properly, and practiced as routinely as possible, to ensure they are readily available when most needed.

Air supply management has an impact on more than just the single fire fighter who properly or poorly managed their air supply. Because it impacts what you can accomplish and how long you can remain in operation, it also has an impact on teamwork, on containment strategy, and on the overall mission of preventing loss of life, fire spread, and loss of property.

Case Study References for this week’s Flash Point on Air Supply Management:



If you do Just One Thing

Overlearn key survival skills (Mayday calls, clearing your mask, etc.) so they become second nature in high-stress emergencies.

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