Week 4: Station 2, Flash Point 1 – Team Continuity

Station 2 – Communications/Teamwork

Team continuity is about mutual support, but also involves elements of teamwork, leadership, communication, risk management, and proper training. Think of team continuity as the lubricant in a well-cared-for engine. The individual components all do their job, but the entire process and purpose of the engine is either helped or hindered by how well they are able to interact.

Here are some quick tips on maintaining team continuity:

  1. Whenever someone new joins the effort, make sure everyone is fully briefed/re-briefed.
  2. Promote open communication and ensure the spread of vital information throughout the team.
  3. Stick with a partner and follow protocol.
  4. Call out risks as soon as you see them, whether environmental or behavioral.
  5. Ask for help as soon as you suspect you might need it.
  6. Develop risk mitigation strategies for instances when the team has to separate.

Case Study References for this week’s Flash Point on Team Continuity:


If you do Just One Thing

Follow the “buddy system” like you’re on a second grade field trip.

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