Station 8: Revolutionary Training

Station 8 is a unique training approach for professional fire fighters that allows them to:

Train without the need to be taken off the schedule.

Seamlessly implement training on the job.

Reinforce training through targeted debriefs on each topic and reminder cards for each Station.

We learn something new. We talk about it. And when we see it in our jobs, we talk about it again. It’s a simple formula that matches the way fire fighters already learn through experience and crosstalk, but is targeted on known human factors issues relevant to their safety and performance. 

The eight topic areas (referred to as Stations) covered in this training are: Situational Awareness, Communication/Teamwork, Decision Making, Risk Management, Leadership/Followership, Compliance, Professionalism, and Continuous Improvement.


Short Video Introduction

A subject matter expert introduces and explains the Station's topic in a short video (2-3 minutes).

Guided Discussion

The Captain or Designated Training Officer leads an inclusive and engaging table top discussion on the topic—perhaps over lunch or dinner—for about 30 minutes.

Flash Point

The discussion is guided by a weekly training card which provides a real-life scenario and questions for fire fighters to ponder over and discuss.


The session ends with a challenge for everyone to be the first to identify the topic of instruction on the job at some point in the future.


Once identified on the job, the team debriefs the scenario and how they can apply the human factors lesson in the future.

Station Card

Each Station has a unique mini-poster, which are posted around the station as a daily reminder of the human factors issues facing fire fighters.

Online Resources

The Captain or Designated Training Officer utilizes the resources on this website to stay up-to-date with training. The hashtag #station8 is used to keep the community informed about a given station's progress in the program, and to award kudos to exemplary individuals.

Community of Excellence

Any fire fighter participating in Station 8 is invited to engage with the community forum on this website, in order to share stories, tips and tricks, and encouragement with other fire fighters.